Men’s Ministry

Autumn Greetings from the L.E.B.C. Men’s Ministry

As I write this, it is almost October. The past few weeks have been so beautiful! The beauty that we see as the leaves turn to red and gold has always inspired me. This is just one of the many ways our loving Creator brings our hearts delight.

On Saturday, September 26, we met for breakfast, fellowship, and the 5th video lesson of a series of 7 by Mr. Neal Jeffrey. We are currently planning to meet again on Saturday, October the 17th for breakfast, and lesson #6 titled “Paul: Praise the Lord, I Saw the Light!” These have all been very worthwhile messages, and I would encourage your participation as brothers in Christ to make an effort to be with us next time. At the risk of repeating myself, we can all be stronger for God’s purposes if we truly know and support one another as opposed to going it alone. As they teach the recruits in the Army, we all need a “battle buddy”. In today’s world there truly is a battle going on, and the devil would like us all to become casualties. Don’t let the enemy isolate you men!

One thing that we have been lacking recently as a group is a mission. We discussed this at the last meeting, and I can see we do have one, (mission) if we are willing to commit to it. Within our church membership we have men of various ages, strengths, and talents. What we need to do is put together a list of those who are willing and able to make yourselves available as various needs arise that we are capable of handling. Examples of things we may be needed for would be: painting parts of church building or equipment. Trimming of bushes or trees. Minor construction on the shelter house. Taking down light fixture covers to clean them. Some other projects may be out in the community as outreach. This is also an opportunity to get some of our younger men who are still in school involved. We could and should be making a positive difference as the Men’s Ministry. Too much of this sort of work has for a long time fallen on the shoulders of one very dedicated and hardworking senior member of our congregation. This needs to change. I will be the person in charge of the list of volunteers and will do my best to coordinate actions needed as well as being part of that team. A list has been started, but currently has way too few names on it. So please prayerfully consider how you might be able to contribute to this team and contact me soon.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Phil Grubb


Mission Statement (Men’s Ministry):

We are living in a fast paced world today which seems to require more and more of our time just to keep up with the daily requirements of our homes and families. It seems difficult to carve out even a small amount of time to build relationships. Naturally we should all be daily growing closer to the Lord through prayer, and meditating on His Word. And of course we need to give of ourselves all that we can to loving and leading our families. But we should not overlook the importance of building relationships with other men who are our brothers in Christ. Our enemy Satan would prefer to keep us isolated and doubting our abilities to fight for righteousness. Many times we pridefully tell ourselves that we can handle any adversity on our own. In 1st Corinthians 10:12,13. God’s Word warns us;

 Therefore let him who thinks he stands take heed that he does not fall. No temptation has overtaken you but such as is common to man; and God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will provide the way of escape also, so that you will be able to endure it.”   (NASB)

             It is easy when we are alone to believe that our weaknesses are unique to us. We as men need each other in order to be our best and strongest. God never intended that we fight our battles alone.  So let us strive to set aside time to build relationships with our brothers in the local Church. This will not happen by chance. We need to make an effort. And through this effort with God’s help we will help each other to be the men that the Creator intended us to be, that we might bring Him glory whether serving in the Church, in our homes, or in the community. As iron sharpens iron, let us keep each other sharp and prepared to serve God with a grateful heart.

Phil Grubb,

Events of note for men:

June 2015
Greetings to all members of the body of believers at LEBC. What a lovely spring it has been thus far. Praise God for all the beauty and wonder of His creation that we get to enjoy this time of the year!
On Saturday May 16th we enjoyed another Men’s Breakfast and viewed the third segment of our new video series by Neal Jeffrey. I believe that everyone in attendance enjoyed the fellowship, and appreciated the message we received. I know that I did! And I thank all of you who participated. We had plenty of helpers who arrived early to see to it that breakfast was served on time. That was much appreciated!
I have done an update to my e-mail list, so I hope that all of you will be receiving the next reminder for our June meeting. Things are beginning to get busy now. Lots of church events not far off. Preparation for VBS, and “Good News Circleville”, the Southern Baptist Convention coming to Columbus, just to name a few. Please remember to keep all these events lifted up in your prayers. May our Lord and Savior be glorified in all these efforts.
The next Men’s Breakfast is scheduled for Saturday, June 20 at 7:30. Lesson 4 in the series is titled, “David: A Roof With A View! Coming back repentant…after a deceitful cover-up.” Please come and join us if possible. I will be sending out a reminder the week before June 20. Look forward to serving you.

Phil Grubb
LEBC Men’s Ministry

Sept. 2015 Greetings from the Men’s Ministry

Summer is drawing to a close now. Children are back in school, and some of the greenery is beginning to turn yellow. So as I had mentioned before, we will resume our video sessions on Saturday mornings now starting with September the 26th at 7:30 A.M..

Breakfast will be served up first, then we will resume the video series which we started earlier in the year with Neal Jeffrey. That will be lesson number 5 titled “Peter: what’s that I hear?”

Please spread the word among your friends, and bring them along. And as always I could use a couple of early arriving helpers to get everything set up on time. I will also send reminders by email, and attempt to reach some of you by phone a couple of days before the 26th.

So until then I wish you God’s blessings in all aspects of your lives, and look forward to seeing you on September 26th.