Welcome OCU Students

WELCOME Ohio Christian University students to Circleville, Ohio!

As some of your nearest neighbors (geographically speaking), we welcome you to

the neighborhood!

 Our church facility is located approximately one mile from the OCU campus.

 If you’re an early riser, we are currently studying the Kings and Prophets

during our Bible study hour at 8:45am on Sunday.

 Our morning service, which is mostly traditional, is at 10am.

 And we still have a Sunday evening service! It’s at 5:45pm.

 If you enjoy singing, you might want to consider joining our church choir,

which rehearses on Sunday evenings following the evening service.

 We also have a handbell choir if you’re interested in bell ringing.

Our statement of faith “The Baptist Faith and Message” is available on our website if

you’re interested in reading what we believe.

If you have any questions (or if you need transportation to any of our services) feel

free to email us at secretary@lebc.org or call 740-474- 1614.

We look forward to meeting you!!!


There is a supply of Truelife.org cards available for your use in the basket on the table in the hallway outside the church sanctuary. Although the cards have information about LEB and our service times, on the opposite side of the card is info about Truelife.org that contains answers to life’s hard questions. The cards are helpful tools in providing guidance for those who are searching for answers.

Sunday – Time of Prayer, 08:00 – 08:30, room 202

Sunday – Bible Study, 8:45-9:45AM,

Sunday – Worship Services:10AM & 5:45PM

Wednesday-Prayer Meeting, Children’s Activities & Youth – 6:45-7:45PM

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