Newsletter 2017-01

The Living Branch Newsletter
Logan Elm Baptist
January 2017

“Do you not say, ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” John 4:35 (NKJV)

In previous years the LEB elders established the following emphases: A Year of Grateful Thanksgiving (2014), A Year of Perpetual Praise (2015), and A Year of Fervent Prayer (2016). After considerable discussion and prayer the elders believe that our next church emphasis should be The Harvest Call. The Lord Jesus, as recorded in John 4, challenged His disciples to lift up their eyes and look at the fields that are white for harvest. There are several aspects of the harvest that require our attention, which we will focus on in 2017 and beyond.
With this in mind we plan for our 2017 Bible Conference to be devoted to the topic of The Harvest Call. Please note that there has been a date change with regard to the Bible Conference. In the previous newsletter the date was announced as March 26-29. However, the new dates are March 12-15. Please make note of this change. And as a little advance warning, Daylight Savings Time begins March 12! And it will be here before we know it.
If you’ve not taken the opportunity to give to our annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions, there is still time to give to this important offering. Our 4000 plus international missionaries and their families depend upon our faithful support of prayer and finances. As of our last report, we were still less than half way toward our church goal of $6700. This yearly offering amounts to approximately one half of the International Mission Board’s annual budget to fund our worldwide missions enterprises. All of the LMCO goes to provide for the financial needs of our missionaries. In addition to this offering, our church joins with thousands of other Southern Baptist churches by giving a portion of our regular weekly offerings to help provide the remaining needed international missions funds. On behalf of our international missionaries, thank you for your generous giving.

Praying for our growth together in the grace and knowledge of our Lord,

Pastor Dave

(Prayer meeting, youth meeting, Bible Club, & Mission Friends, 6:45 each Wednesday!)
Jan. 1 Bible study for all ages, 8:45AM; 10:00AM worship; no evening service
Jan. 5 Ladies’ Ministry meeting, 6:30PM
Jan. 14 Deacons’ meeting, 7AM
Jan. 15 Fellowship meal following the morning service
Jan. 21 Men’s breakfast and “Stepping Up” study, 7:30AM
Jan. 22 Men’s Day
Jan. 29 Lord’s Supper in the 10AM service; Singspiration in the evening, 5:45PM

Logan Elm Baptist Women’s Ministry

We have had a great time of bible study in “The Armor of God” and are looking forward to meeting again on January 5, 2017 @ 6:30pm. We will be on chapter 4. This has been an amazing study! I am looking forward to gathering together and fellowshipping as we dig into Gods amazing word!!!

L.E.B.C women’s ministry wishes everyone a Happy New Year and hope you have had a very Merry Christmas!

Many Blessings,
Penny Schall


Well, the New Year we have been wishing each other to have a happy one of is finally here and just like the unused minutes roll-over of the cell phone, the unfinished tasks and projects of LEBC have rolled over into 2017 – not necessarily a benefit. I will make every attempt to see that none roll over into 2018.
I mentioned in November’s newsletter, the shelter house utility closet construction was completed by Nathan Amspaugh and his esteemed advisor. I apologize for my error. It is Nathaniel Amspaugh, while esteemed advisor remains unchanged.
For all of you who have entrance door keys, I will be contacting you to verify the identification of the keys which have been issued to you. There have been occasions when keys were handed over to successors by individuals leaving their positions and in that process, I have lost track of a few of the keys and it is time again to re-verify the record.
As previously reported, the contractor who was to repave the parking lot didn’t, so I have contacted Cox paving and am awaiting a response.
For those of you involved in child care, be advised that the thermostat in Building #1 that controls heating and cooling in all areas except the sanctuary will be moved to a classroom. This is being done in an effort to maintain an even and comfortable temperature in the classrooms with an expected savings in propane consumption. When completed, I would appreciate your feedback.
For the winter months, I will continue to focus on upgrading the appearance of the interior of our building. If you have any input along those lines, you can call or e-mail me at
That is all I have to report. I wish all of you a Blessed new year.
Yours, Bill Snyder, Trustee Chairman

January 15, 2017

Shirley Sowers-Jan. 1
Eli Wilson-Jan. 2
Jim Smith-Jan. 2
Brayden Herron-Jan. 3
Scott Hodges-Jan. 4
Shirley Herron-Jan. 8
Cora Wilson-Jan. 11
Isaiah Serra-Jan. 11
Anna Mitchell-Jan. 14
Eva Kuhlwein-Jan. 14
James Wilson-Jan. 17
Eva Steinhausser-Jan. 22
Tom Kanitz-Jan. 30
Mike & Sharon Belcher-Jan. 4