Newsletter 2016-04

The Living Branch Newsletter
April, 2016

“But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus. Therefore, comfort one another with these words.”
1 Thessalonians 4:13-14, 18 (NKJV)

We have a plaque that hangs in our home with the photograph of an anchor with the caption below it, which reads, “This hope we have as an anchor of the soul”. (Hebrews 6:19) How do people cope in this life with all the sorrow that sin causes if they don’t have hope? As I’m writing this article (3-29-16) I’ve just learned of the death of a second sweet sister in the Lord, which came eight days after the homegoing of our own Shelly Muncy. Both of the women were about the same age; both were victims of the same kind of aggressive cancer. And both prepared their families and loved ones for their departures through their strong and resilient faith in our Lord. Holli (Fish) Lancaster, who was the daughter of one of my seminary professors (Roy Fish), was the wife of Dan Lancaster. Dan was one of the first missionaries we met soon after we arrived in Thailand in 2003. He has recently written a book entitled Powerful Prayers in the War Room: Learning to Pray Like a Powerful Prayer Warrior, available on Amazon. After leaving Thailand, Dan and Holli settled in Jackson, TN where Dan is on staff at Union University. In addition to Dan, Holli leaves three sons and a daughter. From all accounts, Holli displayed a firm faith in the Lord Jesus.
But I’ve never known anyone who looked death squarely in the face and exuded more faith and hope than Shelly. When she learned that the cancer had reoccurred and when the doctors were evasive in answering her questions, she began getting her affairs in order and started preparing the rest of us for her departure. But none of us knew how quickly the cancer would take its toll. In early August last year she underwent surgery to remove the tumors. On January 11 she received the results of a scan that showed she was cancer free. On March 20, with her family by her bedside, she took her last breath here and peacefully slipped into the immediate presence of the Lord. She never complained; she never questioned God’s wisdom. Over the course of those several months she refused to let others feel sorry for her. In fact, true to her usual form, she tried to keep others’ focus on the Lord and not on her. And at her Celebration of Life, in her recorded remarks, she again expressed her unflinching faith in the Lord and pointed others to Him. The photograph of the anchor with the Hebrews 6:19 Bible reference, which was a gift from Shelly, will serve as a reminder of the hope that we have in Christ and that she so faithfully held to.
Therefore, “we are always confident…to be absent from the body” is “to be present with the Lord”. (2 Corinthians 5:6-8)

Because He lives,
Pastor Dave

(Prayer meeting, youth meeting, Bible Club, & Mission Friends, 6:45 each Wednesday)
Wednesday Youth Study for the month of April: Apologetics by Matt Chandler
April 2 Prayer Walk, noon, at First CCCU, 436 E. Ohio St.
April 9 Deacons’ Meeting, 7AM
April 10 Good News planning meeting, 4:30PM; Church business session, 5:45PM
April 12 Women2Women carry-in at 12 noon in the Fellowship Hall
April 16 Men’s Breakfast & Stepping Up DVD study, session 1, 7:30AM

April 24 Good News planning meeting, 4:30PM; Lord’s Supper Observance, 5:45PM

May 1 Sweet Hour of Prayer, 10AM; Bible Conference begins, 5:45PM

May 2-4 Spring Bible Conference; light supper, 6:00PM; service, 6:45PM

May 1 Charles Blake, Pastor, Parsons Baptist Church, Columbus
May 2 Andrew Shearer, former pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church, Chillicothe
May 3 Billy Marsh, professor of theology, Cedarville University
May 4 Rush Witt, pastor, Paramount Church, Columbus

May 8 Mothers/Ladies Day; Family Dedication Ceremony, 10AM

May 22 Graduate Recognition, 10AM Service; Fellowship Meal in honor of the graduates

May 28 Church Council meeting, 8 AM

June 4 Good News Circleville!, Happenny Park

June 6-10 Vacation Bible School

Update from Greg & Lois Fox

Hello Brothers and Sisters of LEBC,

I wanted to give an update on the conditions here in Silver Springs Woods. Lois is still unpacking boxes. I just prop up my foot and feel sorry for her. She has been so good to watch over me. I can’t imagine what life would be without her. There is a huge portion of my foot and toes missing. Two toes (4 and 5) had to be removed and some of my foot because of a staph infection. I am still on strong antibiotics. Lois is really happy with our new home and loves being close to Aunt Georgia. The senior pastor, Jimmy Snell, and his wife Bobby stopped by to check on me. I haven’t been out of the house after arriving home from the hospital but plan to attend OBBC as soon as I am able.

I am praying that God will lead you in a very visible (spiritual) demonstration of His might and wisdom. It would bless my heart to hear that revival broke out among you. As the world threats continue to worsen, pray that God will use His church to help harvest as many as He puts before us. Praise the Holy and Lovely Lord Jesus Christ for his gospel to us! What power He has in it. Pray for Dr. Case, the surgeon who amputated my toes, that he will surrender to the Lord soon. I left him with lots to think about, (that was the Holy Spirit at work) and I hope to hear of his salvation soon.
Lois sends her love and so do I. I will keep praying for you there. Thanks for lifting me up to God in prayer.

Brother Greg

The family of Shelly Muncy wishes to thank you for all the visits, cards, donations, food and sharing in her Celebration of Life services. Your prayers for her have been so appreciated. Galatians 6:9.


The days are noticeably longer now, and the grass is growing. We are all about to become very busy again. Signs of God’s love and care for us are everywhere we look. Our ability to be part of tending to everyday needs. Our precious families and good friends. The freedoms that we enjoy because of the sacrifices that were made by countless thousands who came before us. Men and women of courage, who were willing to walk a difficult path so that the future might look more promising to those then yet unborn. This selfless attitude seems for the most part to be the exception to the rule in our day. The fact is that we must not allow our busy lives and our many blessings to distract us from realizing just how much we need to reignite that fire in ourselves that causes us to step up to the very real challenges that we face as men in our day.
I would like to challenge the men of LEBC, and those friends and family you may be able to bring along with you to make a commitment to attend our monthly Men’s meetings which are scheduled for the third Saturday of each month for the remainder of this year. We began viewing the first segment from our new video series on the 3rd Saturday in March. It is titled “Stepping Up”, a call to courageous manhood. It was put together by Family Life Ministries. There were only nine men at this viewing. But what I want to impress upon you is that when the video was over, we were all stunned with the impact that it had on our hearts. And we all agreed that we should start this first segment one more time to give those who missed the opportunity a chance to participate in this very thrilling and worthwhile study. Please, do not miss this. It has the potential to make a positive difference in how you serve God and those dear to your hearts.
As usual, we will prepare a breakfast which will be served not later than 7:30. Video segments are all about 30 minutes long, to be started not later than 8:00. The next breakfast will be on April the 16th. Please do your best to join us!
Men’s Ministry at LEBC,
Phil Grubb

We will be having a carry-in with a devotion on April 12th.
You may bring a casserole, salad, or dessert.
Tableware and drinks will be provided.
Please arrive at 11:30. We plan to eat at 12noon.
All ladies are welcome!

It was an honor to organize and serve the fellowship meal for the Muncy family and friends. That would not have happened if it weren’t for the help of all those who brought food and helped to set up the buffet tables. Thank you!! For those who provided the decorations in the fellowship hall, thank you for helping to make everyone feel welcome.
The Easter breakfast went very well. Just had cookies left over that were frozen and available to use during VBS. An estimated 50-60 attended the breakfast.
The Kitchen Angels will have a break in April, so there will not be any fellowship meals until May 1st following the morning service. This will be the beginning of our Bible Conference, so we will have a carry-in that day.
We will be providing meals each evening May 2, 3, 4 before each Bible Conference service. Times & menus will be in May’s newsletter.
Karen Clark, Kitchen Coordinator

The items we are collecting for the month of April are:
socks (all sizes), gloves, mittens, brushes, combs and other hair accessories.
You may put your donations in the brown hamper across from the secretary’s office.

We will be having a Family Dedication on Mother’s Day, May 8
in the 10 AM service. If you wish to participate, please contact
the church secretary no later than April 11 with the full name of your child.

Graduate Recognition
We will be recognizing our graduates on Sunday, May 22, in the
morning service. If you have someone graduating from high school or college and they would like to take part, please call or send an email to the church secretary by April 17 and let her know the full name of your graduate.

Joel Mitchell-April 8
Lore Snyder-April 9
Bill Gibson-April 14
JoAnn Leatherwood-April 17
David Cavanaugh-April 19
Paul Delong-April 20
Linda Shuttleworth-April 23
Heather Edmonds-April 24
Mary Steinhausser-April 24
Madeline Amspaugh-April 25
Nathaniel Amspaugh-April 25
Seth Romine-April 25
Betty Smith-April 26
Emma Herron-April 28
Mike Belcher-April 30
Bob & Laraine Muncy-April 2
Rickie Beth & Scott Hodges-April 6