Newsletter 2016-06

The Living Branch Newsletter
Logan Elm Baptist Church
June, 2016

“Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel (Good News!) to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15

The momentum has been building and the moment is now upon us-our second annual community outreach event, Good News Circleville! David Atkinson plans to be at Happenny Park by 8:00AM on Saturday to begin setup with the goal to be ready before the 11:00AM start time in order for us to have a final time of prayer to dedicate our event to the Lord. If you can’t be at the park early to help with setup, please make yourself a reminder to join with us in prayer at that time asking the Lord to honor His name through our efforts. Pray that our gift to the community will cause them to see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. (Matthew 5:16) And pray that we will boldly proclaim the Good News!
Also, pray that there will be families who attend Good News! who will register their children to attend our Vacation Bible School, June 6-10, from 6:00 to 8:45PM. We will likely need volunteers to help transport these children to and from LEBC during the week. Please call the church (740-474-1614) if you are willing to help with this need.
If you’ve not yet had your picture taken for the church directory, we want you to be included. Julie Heidish will be in the fellowship hall following the morning service on June 12 and June 26 to assist you.

Grateful for warmer weather (finally),

Pastor Dave

(Prayer meeting, youth meeting, Bible Club, & Mission Friends, 6:45 each Wednesday-except June 1)
June 1 Mission Friends & Children’s Choir rehearsal at the church at 6:30; Adults and Youth will meet at Happeney Park for prayer and Good News! publicity distribution

June 2 Good News Circleville! flyer distribution; contact Eric Wilson for assignments

June 4 Good News Circleville! Happeney Park, 11AM-3PM; setup begins at 8AM

June 5 Baptism in the morning service

June 6-10 Vacation Bible School (Additional info is included in this newsletter.)

June 11 Deacons’ Meeting, 7AM

June 12 Business session in the evening service

June 12 & June 26, Julie Heidish will be taking pictures after the morning service in the fellowship hall for our church directory.

June 16 Women’s Ministry Meeting, 6:30-8:30PM

June 18 Men’s Breakfast and Stepping Up study, 7:30AM

June 19 Father’s Day!

Church Council Meeting
May 28, 2016

ATTENDANCE: Pastor David Cavanaugh, David Atkinson, Bill Snyder, Phil Grubb, Jim Guenther, Doug Burns, Karen Clark, Emily Mitchell, Penny Schall, Brenda Gibson, and Kim Imler.

Pastor Cavanaugh opened with a prayer and a devotion from 1 John chapter 4 on love.

Doug Burns, Music Director
 Ready for Good News
• Back-up for sound system is ready in case generator goes out
 Need 3 more people for hand bell choir
 Need more people in the choir

Jim Guenther, Finance Committee Chairman
 Will be having a finance committee meeting Sunday after church to review the proposed changes to the
Constitution that will affect them
 Income is down

Jim Guenther, Sunday School Director
 Need several substitute teachers for youth, middle school, high school and adult classes
• All prospective teachers and substitutes will have to go through child safety training
 Sunday school attendance is down compared to last year this time

Jim Guenther, Nominating Committee Chairman
 Need new Sunday School director, 1-2 more people on Personnel Committee, Pre-School director, Children’s Church leader, and another 2 members on the Finance Committee

Karen Clark, Kitchen Coordinator
 The Kitchen Angels will be busy with Good News Circleville and VBS in June.
 I have a different plan for the evening socials for July and August. I will have a signup sheet for each Sunday evening in July and August for either 2 couples or 1 couple and 2 singles. Our youth group could even sign up for one evening. A Kitchen Angel will be there to assist in helping in any way needed. It will be up to those groups to plan what they want to do for the social and will be responsible for setup and cleanup. If you need help coming up with a plan, please contact me at 740-412-2819.
• I will be passing around the signup sheet about the middle of June, so be thinking about when you will be available. I am excited to see how God will work this out.

Phil Grubb, Men’s Ministry Director
 Things are moving along with the monthly breakfasts and video

Bill Snyder, Trustee Chairman
Follow up:
 G & J Paving of Chillicothe (via Nationwide) has been awarded the contract for the parking
• Sent out an e-mail yesterday requesting a projected date
 I have received a proposal from Krysty’s Concrete of Circleville to rebuild the sidewalk at
entrance “B”. The plan calls for complete removal and re-pour of a 6’ sidewalk from
parking lot to door, excavating on either side, adding topsoil where needed and seeding.
• $4,ooo proposal
 A major portion of the sign support has been sanded and primed. The frame containing the
lighting is in the new storage shed awaiting rebuild (next week). LED conversion was not
practical at this time, so I purchased a replacement ballast. The fascia needs to be cleaned,
pressure washing preferred. One thing I have considered is to post our hours in a semi-
permanent way on the base to allow more space for the messages we want to convey.
 For the record, the new storage shed has been delivered. Some modifications to the loft
and additional insulation are planned.
 After much research and sticker shock anxiety, the plan for the play area has been changed.
We will reduce the footprint as mentioned, use double landscape timbers for the perimeter
and playground mulch for the media. Free pea gravel available soon. Or later. Must be
over 25 to take advantage of this offer.
 Once again the phone system quit working after a power interruption. After attempting
normal resets to no avail, I re-established electrical connections of the accessory circuit
boards and functionality returned. Prayer was the first step.
 NTR on trimming of the bushes

 Karen took the bull by the horns, as farm girls are known to do, and planted (things) on the
embankment and by the walkway and mulched. This is much appreciated. Edging to be
done by yours truly or his delegate.
 Nathan Amspaugh has expressed interest in taking over the construction of the closet for
the shelter house once the tear down is complete. He wants to do this as a scouting
 Scott Stewart had dropped off some linoleum samples to be evaluated for use in replacing
flooring in the B-1 classrooms. Opinions accepted.
 I have been working on the painting of room 202. One wall is left to be painted after which
I will (plan to) install a new type of vinyl chair rail, known as a rub rail which has to be
ordered on line.
 The possibility of designating room 205-206 as a training room has been discussed. This
could entail purchasing a large screen TV to mount on the wall and adding Right Now
Media to the mix. The room would still be used as a classroom.
 I am accepting volunteer efforts to assist in setting up the volleyball net and a horse shoe
pit, and the tear down and clean-up of the storage portion of the shelter house. After VBS.

Penny Schall, Women’s Ministry Director
 Preparing for the Women’s Ministry meeting on Thursday, June 16 @ 6:30 here in the
fellowship hall. There will be childcare for younger moms, hoping they will come and
invite their friends.

Emily Mitchell, VBS Director
 Still recruiting volunteers
• Most of the main positions are filled in
 Decorating starts this week

Emily Mitchell, Bible Club Teacher
 Need to decide what to do with it, as only two families are regular in attendance.
• Trying to decide what curriculum to get
• Could possibly split to two age levels (K-2 and 3-6) if there were another teacher

David Atkinson, Missions Committee Chairman
 Need for additional committee members
 Start planning for the next trip
• 2018 would be the next international trip
• 3 year cycle, local (Good News), then foreign

David Atkinson, Good News Coordinator
 Completion of the outreach day
• Will start setting up at 8AM
 Vendors coming (more than last year)
 Activities
 Follow-up
 Will have two tents this year with the bigger one being used for the music area

David Atkinson, Church Administrator
 Shelter House
• Tear out the storage area (would like to have men’s ministry help)
• Electric installation (lights, fans, receptacles)
• Sun shades
• Summer Socials
 Storage Shed
• Modifications
• Use and users (coordinate with Bill)
 Protect my Ministry
• Background checks (recommended every 3-5 years)
• Continuing current information
 Pushpay
• Use of credit/debit cards
• Use of echecks
• Automatic bank payments

Brenda Gibson, Financial Secretary
 Pushpay
• Several people using it , but we’re losing money on it (credit card fees)
 Box
• Unlimited storage
 Finances
• Constantly looking for ways to save money
• Sam’s Club card purchased (for church use only)
• Whittling down budget for operating expenses

Pastor Dave suggested moving the church council meetings from the first Saturday of the quarter to the last Saturday of the quarter.

The next meeting will be Saturday, August 27 at 8:00AM

Respectfully Submitted,
Kim Imler
Church secretary/clerk

The Shipma Scholarship Awards will be presented on Sunday, June 12 to the following students:

Mikayla Amspaugh
Mikalyn Heidish
Andrew Love

A Love Offering for Mission Dignity will be received Sunday, June 26

Butterfly Remembrance Ceremony,join us for an opportunity to release a butterfly in memory of a loved one.
Saturday, June 11th @ 10:00 AM
Mary Virginia Crites-Hannan Park
1230 Pontious Road, Circleville
Contact Berger Hospice for more information. 740-420-7950

It’s been quite a few years since we’ve updated our church directory, but we’re working on it. Julie Heidish will be taking pictures, after the morning service, on June 12 and June 26, in the fellowship hall. We are asking all members and regular attenders to participate. So be sure to get your family together for their turn in front of the camera. We don’t want anyone left out. Also, be sure to fill out the directory update form and turn it in so we will have all your current information. Thanks for your cooperation! And don’t
forget to smile!

Logan Elm Baptist Women’s Ministry
A girl just can’t live without…
a pair of Flip Flops, a touch of fancy, & a few fabulous friends to share an evening of God’s Word and fellowship.
So slap on your flip flops and join us in the fellowship hall Thursday, June 16, 6:30-8:30 PM
Childcare will be provided in nursery & toddler rooms. An activity for children of grade school age is planned.
Please contact Penny @ 740-412-4318, if you have any questions.

Get ready for a boatload of excitement at
Ocean Commotion!
June 6-10, 2016
6:00-8:45 p.m.

Grades: K-completed 6th
Register on line at or contact the church.

Logan Elm Baptist Church
22530 Bolender Pontius Rd.
Circleville, OH 43113

For the month of June we will be collecting: wash cloths, school supplies, flashlights and batteries.

Congratulations Graduates, Class of 2016

Mikayla Amspaugh graduated from Logan Elm High School and will attend Cedarville University.

Kirsten Cavanaugh graduated from Cavanaugh Academy and will be assistant volleyball coach
at New Hope this fall.

Christian Romine graduated from Amanda Clearcreek High School and plans to attend Ohio University in

Isaac Herron-June 3
Luke Delong-June 3
Calvin Wilson-June 5
Penny Schall-June 7
Rosie Caldwell-June 9
Doug Burns-June 11
Dallas Love-June 16
Denise Krouse-June 21
Kirsten Cavanaugh-June 24
Robert Clark-June 26
Katie VanDette-June 30

Herman & Linda Shuttleworth-June 7
Ron & Marina Layton-June 8
Brad & Emily Mitchell-June 9
Dustin & Eva Steinhausser-June 16
Chuck & Kim Imler-June 26
Matt & Becky Harber- June 30
Mark & Debbie Wiley-June 30